Understand Client Goals: In every day of work, our customer's organization process decisions, to reach certain goals. These Goals have to be aligned throughout the employees and resources of the organization. At we ask and listen to understand the desired goals. Then we address with the customer specific project goals. We delegate the right team of specialists that align to the customer's goals, to be able to integrate the right technology solutions to achieve these goals. IT works hand-in-hand with top technology providers to prepare comprehensive solutions to support client operations, to focus on their core business and reach their corporate goals.

Plan & Execute: To start with the bases for communication. We work with client infra-structure and data center needs to lay down an efficient medium of communication between different organization resources:

Data Center High Availability Solutions

IT, brings to the table Collective expertise in Site Preparation, Cabling Infrastructure, Wireless Access, Data and Voice Networks, Management and Security, we provide integrated data center solutions which can be summarized into a dedicated Data Center Site Preparations:
1. Power Distribution Planning
2. Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Solution
3. Specialized Cooling &Air Conditioning
4. Floor Layout Setup
5. Rack Capacity Planning
6. Complete Cabling Infrastructure Assessment and Labeling Solutions

Structured Cabling

1. Effective Design Systems
2. Commitment to Excellence and Superior Installations
3. Category 5e and Cat6/Cat 6A Cabling- UTP/SFTP
4. Category 7 Cabling
5. Fiber Optic Cabling
6. Test, Commissioning and Certification Checks.

Fiber Optic Product range

1. Fiber Patch Cord and Fiber Cable SM/MM (SC/ LC / ST / FC Etc…)
2. Fused Wavelength Division Multiplexers WDM's
3. Splitters
4. Fiber Optic Attenuators
5. Mode Conditioning Patch cord
6. Server and Networking Cabinets

Power solution Implementations

We provide small to higher end UPS and Power Generator solution implementations & Commissioning with electrical wiring.

Wireless Solutions Portfolio

1. Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Solutions
2. Point to Point Links (LOS and NLOS)
3. Point to Multi point links (WIMAX)
4. Mesh networks for WAN
5. Wireless security solution
6. Billing services for bandwidth usage

Next we provide the technology solutions required to manage the information communication. We address with the customer, which resources communicate when and to which limits. How the customer wants to govern the flow of data and voice. EASY TOUCH IT works with top technology providers to design and implement solutions:

Network and Data Security

1. Security Assessment
2. Enterprise Policy Management
3. Consultancy and implementation services for certification like ISO 27001, and COBIT
4. Firewalls Consultation and Deployment
5. Intrusion Prevention Systems Consultation and Deployment
6. Authentication Solutions
7. Encryption Solutions

Load Balancing and High Availability

1. Servers Load Balancing
2. Firewall/VPN Load Balancing
3. Content Cache Load Balancing
4. Global Server Load Balancing
5. Intrusion Detection Load Balancing
6. Cache Redirection

Installing, Configuring Wireless/Wired Networks

1. Cisco devices(Routers, Switches, Firewall etc)
2. HP Enterprise Networking Solutions
3. AVAYA Networking Devices

Supply and Implementation of IP-Telephony and Unified Communication

1. Cisco Telephony
2. Avaya Telephony
3. ShoreTel Telephony

After the medium of communicating data/voice has been laid, and the flow of data has been configured, EASY TOUCH IT will understand, plan, and implement how the customer wants to process and store the information carried through the customer's network.
EASY TOUCH IT offers professional Server, Storage & Networking Deployment services. We can install and configure your new data center systems to help you save money, minimize disruption and optimize performance. We assign the right experts to make sure Information is processed, stored, secure at all time, with optimum performance management and minimum waste.

1. Servers
2. Storage
3. Networking
4. IT Operations Management
5. Virtualization Infrastructure
6. Client Systems Management

EASY TOUCH IT, also offers full solutions, like HP Converged Infrastructure that provides your blueprint for the data center of the future that accelerates the provisioning of IT services and applications by integrating servers, storage, networking, security, power, cooling, and facilities into shared pools of interoperable resources – all managed through a common management platform. The result is the ability to deliver any workload, anywhere, anytime to achieve better business results.

We also provide following value added services to our customers

1. Microsoft Domain Implementation
2. Microsoft Exchange Server Implementations
3. Microsoft Clustering
4. Microsoft ISA Server Implementation
5. RedHat Linux Installation & Configuring
6. APC UPS Installation Service
7. On Call basis PC & Server Support
8. Remote Online Support
9. Data Centre Relocation Service

Now that EASY TOUCH IT has worked closely with the customer to lay down the foundations of their data/voice network, we have established the means of communication necessary for effective operation of organization resources. It is then time to address a set of important tool that would interact with the human resource of the company. EASY TOUCH IT carefully chooses the equipment to collect, display, manage and report the information collected and required to reach organization goals. Reliable integrated solutions need to be planned and implemented to provide efficiency tools for decisions to be made and goals achieved:

EASY TOUCH IT Solutions & Equipments has developed and integrated solution by partnering with some of the renowned manufacturers in the world. EASY TOUCH IT offers the same wide range of choice through the experienced and knowledgeable work force based in Abu Dhabi. EASY TOUCH IT directly offers clients the following System Integration and IT Service in Enterprise Computing, Servers, Storage, Networking, Power Protection, Printing Solutions, Project Management, Security, Wireless, Mobile Solutions, IP Telephony, Structured Cabling Solutions, Desktops, and Laptops. We strongly believe that by growing a healthy strategic partnership will enable our customers to gain access and utilize a wide range of reliable products and services, which includes among others:

Finally as a Systems Integrator and a Service Provider company, all the above services can be further ensured by means of contracts. The Annual Maintenance Contracts, Facilities Management and Support Incident Packs Contracts are services that ensure the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure at the customer site. These contracts are covered against flexible Services Level Agreements.

Document Flow & Output Solutions

1. Wide range of Printers and Scanners
2. Wide range of Copiers and Faxes
3. Production and Managed Print Service
4. Content Management Solution
5. DMS and Archiving Solutions

Security and Parameter Solutions

1. Consulting Services for ISO 27001 compliance & certification
2. CCTV and IP-Surveillance Systems
3. Access Control Systems
4. Time and Attendance Management
5. Intrusion Detection and Alarm Systems
6. Specialized Material Detection
7. Integrated Monitoring and Control Room
8. Planning & Implementation of Disaster Recovery Procedures (DRP) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Audio/Video and Solutions

1. Automation Command and Control centers
2. Public address & background music systems
3. Kiosks and point of information systems
4. Audiovisual systems (for Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Labs and Classes)
5. ID Card Products (e - Card solutions.)
6. Queue Management System
7. Videoconferencing system.
8. Signage and Large Display solutions

IT Equipment & peripherals

1. Desktops, Laptops, and Workstations
2. IT Asset Management
3. Supply and Service Level Agreements